Saturday, December 1, 2012

David Kramer extradited to face abuse charges

Australian Age  A RABBI has been extradited from the US to face child-sex charges in Melbourne. David Kramer, 52, faces allegations he abused four boys while he was teaching at Yeshivah College in St Kilda East between 1989 and 1992.

A victim of sexual assault by other staff at Yeshivah, Manny Waks, said the allegations against Rabbi Kramer had been known to Jewish leaders since the 1990s but they sent him overseas rather than report him to police.''They were just going to simply ignore it, they weren't going to deal with it. A lot of the parents at the time were threatening to take action including going to the police. Only [then] the Yeshivah Centre decided to take action … and sent him overseas.'' Mr Waks said he never thought Rabbi Kramer would have to face the allegations and said of the charges: ''This is something I've been waiting for. It's just a bit overwhelming.'' ''What is now happening within the Jewish community is comparable to what has been going on within the Catholic Church. The broader community has been exposed to the allegations of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church for decades. Now for the first time the public is being made aware of the allegations within the Jewish community.''

It is understood Rabbi Kramer, a US national, spent time in Israel and the midwest of the United States, where he was volunteering as a synagogue youth leader.

Following an extradition request from Australian authorities to the US, Rabbi Kramer was surrendered on November 29 and flew back to Melbourne.

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