Thursday, January 5, 2023

Yakov is only tzadik without guardian angel

 Ramban Bereishis (28:12) AND BEHOLD A LADDER SET UP ON THE EARTH AND THE TOP OF IT REACHED TO HEAVEN; AND BEHOLD THE ANGELS OF G-D ASCENDING AND DESCENDING ON IT. In a prophetic dream, He showed Jacob that whatever is done on earth is effected by means of the angels, and everything is by decree given to them by the Supreme One. The angels of G-d, whom the Eternal hath sent to walk to and fro through the earth,. would not do anything minor or major until they return to present themselves before the Master of the whole earth, saying before Him, “We have traversed the earth,. and behold it dwells in peace, or is steeped in war and blood,” and He commands them to return, to descend to the earth and fulfill His charge. And He further showed Jacob that He stands above the ladder, and promises Jacob with supreme assurance to inform him that he will not be under the power of the angels, but he will be G-d’s portion,. and that He will be with him always,for Jacob’s excellence is superior to that of the other righteous ones And in the opinion of Rabbi Eliezer the. this vision was akin to the one seen by Abram at the time of the covenant “between the parts”. for He also showed Jacob the dominion of the Four Kingdoms.

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