Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Mike Pence's Words Come Back to Bite Him


A video of former Vice President Mike Pence denying that he took classified documents from the White House has resurfaced amid reports of classified documents being discovered in his Indiana home.

A CNN exclusive report said that Pence's lawyer discovered "about a dozen" classified documents at Pence's home and turned the documents over to the FBI.


  1. Yup, trying to distract from Biden again.

  2. The docs were in boxes sealed shut with tape. Is there any indication Mr. Pence took them? Did he pack the box? Did he transport the box?

    This is all so silly. Silly silly silly.

    After leaving office, Mr. Trump, Mr. Biden, and Mr. Biden (after leaving office as Vice President) could each sit down for fifteen minutes and write down things on paper that were the paper to fall into the wrong hands would endanger the security of the U.S.

    The fact that a few original documents with secret information were found illegally in their possession should be considered in light of that reality that the information in the minds is just as transferable as ink on paper that is labeled secret that they may have inadvertently or even purposefully taken home.

    Managing secret information at the level that a President and Vice President are exposed to it is a massive undertaking. Is perfection desirable? Yes. Are we going to get it? No.

    So let's move on and discuss something else.

  3. Mr. Biden is contrite so he gets a pass. It's not the crime that matters. It's the public confessions at self-imposed show trials that count. Compare to the defiant Mr. Trump.

    Democrats good! Republicans bad!

    It's really quite simple.

  4. Nope Republicans - Trump and Pence - obviously did nothing wrong while the Democrat Evil Biden must have committed treason!


  5. This is why I always tell people they need to lead squaky clean lives far from getting near doing anything criminal.

    Imagine a man who has rumors swirling around him that he built up a private library in his study by borrowing books from friends but never returning them.

    Then one day the news breaks that the local library sent him an email about overdue books in his possession. And indeed an investigation turns up the books in his library.

    Now, let's say that in fact it was a mere oversight, and the man had intended to return the library books. But the press, all fired up by the rumors, is quick to allege he intended to steal the library books.

    So too by President Biden. His son Hunter Biden's business dealings have been considered by some to be suspicious, including a job he had in the Ukraine. And rumors have connected Joe Biden to some of these activities And lo and behold I think one or maybe more of the classified docs found in President Biden's office or house had to do with the Ukraine.

    This is the stuff that investigations are predicated on. We're not convicting President Biden of anything. We're just saying this should be thoroughly investigated.

    But you can be sure that if the Democrats still controlled the House that the Congress would be sweeping this under the rug.

    Gotta put that guy who put his feet on Seaker Pelosi's desk behind bars! NOW our country is safe.


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