Monday, January 9, 2023

Astrology and off the derech teenagers

 I was asked to deal, as a psychologist, with a troubled teenager who was the estranged son of an important American rabbi. The son was no longer observant. I did his horoscope which indicated  strong conflicts (aspects) which strongly overruled his desire to behave. I told this to his father, I was told later the father and son had reconciled and developed a strong positive relationship though the son did not change. The father simply accepted that this was a case of onas and that his son could not control himself. I have heard that some gedolim view off the derech children as not having free will in this area. This is also possible justification for the common advice to accept the off the derech child with unconditional love.

Another case in which I used astrology involved the son of a friend who was in Kollel and was also the grandson of a chassidic rebbe. The Rosh Kollel asked me to try and help the troubled boy. He told me don't try psychotherapy - he has already gone to a few and doesn't trust therapy. I asked the son  if I could do his horoscope. He replied cynically he didn't believe it or any other system. But to test me he gave the birthday of his closest friend. I told him the friend was a criminal and would end up in jail. Several days later the friend was in fact arrested and I was validated. Instead of therapy I suggested learning Berachos. We in fact made a siyum attended by the Bostoner Rebbe. He went on to get married and get a job and in general to behave as expected. I view this as a case where Torah overcame Mazzel

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  1. And this is why psychologists are often not taken seriously.


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