Sunday, January 22, 2023

Tucker Carlson Mocked for Nicotine Comment: 'Absurd as George Santos' Lies'

Carlson most recently touched on the topic during his Friday night broadcast while discussing efforts to ban menthol cigarettes. In addition to claiming without evidence that nicotine, the addictive chemical found in most tobacco cigarettes, "frees your mind," he also insisted that efforts to ban types of cigarettes are actually part of a plot to promote marijuana.

"Boy do they hate tobacco, and it's not because it causes cancer," Carlson said. "They don't care about your health...They hate nicotine. They love THC. They are promoting weed to your children, but they're not letting you use tobacco or even non-tobacco nicotine delivery devices, which don't cause cancer. Why do they hate nicotine? Because nicotine frees your mind, and THC makes you compliant and passive. That's why."

His comments about cigarettes, like ones he has made in the past, were immediately picked up on social media, with detractors either sternly criticizing the conservative host or mocking his full-throated support of smoking. One Democratic representative compared Carlson's comments to the lies of Representative George Santos, a New York Republican.

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