Sunday, January 15, 2023

Four unanswered questions about the Biden classified documents

A few things make criminal charges unlikely, according to Mr Weinstein.

First, to bring charges a prosecutor would have to prove intent - that the files were knowingly removed and held by Mr Biden or his team. And second, he said, is the justice department's standing policy not to pursue charges against a sitting president.

"It's a bigger problem politically for Mr Biden than it is in terms of criminal charges," Mr Weinstein said.

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  1. One thing makes criminal charges unlikely, according to reality.
    First and only - the President is a Democrat. He is the Anti-Trump. He could rape a horse in public and people would blame the horse for leading him on and slipping him some Viagara.
    It's not a big political problem for him either. Other than Twitter, all the major social media platforms will adjust their algorithms to minimize and eventually bury the issue. The main media will avoid reporting all but the bare bones of the case along with reassurances that nothing wrong actually happened. Then Trump will burp in public and the headlines will be consumed with that as a distraction.


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