Monday, January 23, 2023

Philosophy came from the prophets

 Rema (Toras HaOlah 1:11): In truth all the wisdom of philosophy and intellectual analysis originated from the Jews. All the secular wisdom is in fact contained within the Torah as the Rambam demonstrates in great detail in the Moreh Nevuchim that all philosophical wisdom is found in the medrashim and aggados of our Sages. You should know that I saw a very ancient document that described the development of all philosophy. It stated that Socrates was considered the first philosopher. It also says that he obtained this wisdom from Assaf and from Achitofel. It also says in the Paths of Faith that the philosophy of Aristotle was stolen from the wisdom of Shlomo HaMelech. When Alexander the Great captured Jerusalem he gave control of Shlomo HaMelech's library to his teacher Aristotle. Whatever good things he found there he wrote his name on it and then added some of his own incorrect  thoughts such as the world had no beginning and the denial of Divine Providence. This was done in order to conceal the fact that his material was in fact stolen from the wisdom of the Jews. Alternatively it is possible that whatever he found that did not have clear cut proofs in the works of Shlomo he simply did not believe. We see however that the basis of all wisdom hangs from this vine. In truth every Jew should believe in this system and not to give a pride and glory to strangers- the wise men of the gentiles. In fact Shlomo was praised for being able to speak to the cedars of Lebanon and the hyssop growing on the wall. If it hadn't been for the fact that the basis of this wisdom was stolen from him there would be nothing praiseworthy in Aristotle and those that came after him…Therefore it is proper to believe in these things. Just as we have we have written that is the way it is.

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