Tuesday, January 10, 2023

How Joe Biden's Classified Documents Compare to Donald Trump's


Cases are very different. Most notably, when Biden's lawyers found these documents, they immediately notified the Archives and turned them over," lawyer and former federal prosecutor Peter Zeidenberg told Newsweek.

"In Trump's case, it was the government that realized the documents were missing and then tried, repeatedly and ultimately unsuccessfully, to get them back. Even after being served with a grand jury subpoena, Trump did not return all of the documents," he said.

"And in Trump's case, these highly classified documents were scattered all over his hotel, including in unlocked storage areas and his desk drawer. Finally, Biden had a security clearance throughout the time he had these documents, while Trump's security clearance was revoked after he left office. So cases are really only superficially similar."


  1. How Joe Biden's Classified Documents Compare to Donald Trump's

    Well for the main media, it's very simple. Trump did bad because he's Trump and Biden made an innocent mistake because he's Biden.

  2. Nope!
    Can,t always sat Trump is really a tzadik but people need to hate him

  3. Again, please check your comprehension skills.
    Never said Trump was a tzadik. Said that Biden is also a menuval but only Trump gets punished for that.


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