Wednesday, January 25, 2023


 Zohar (1 88b) The table of shew-bread, from which issued blessings, was not to be left empty a single moment; and on that account we do not say grace over an empty table, since blessings from above do not rest on an empty table. To resume, then, the verse “I am my beloved's and towards me is his desire” indicates that “first of all I am my beloved's, and then, in consequence, his desire is towards me; first I prepare for him a place, and then his desire is towards me”. The verse may also be explained by reference to the dictum that the Shekinah is not found in the company of sinners, but when a man exerts himself to purify himself and to draw near to God, then the Shekinah rests on him. So “I am my beloved's” to begin with, and then “his desire is towards me”.’

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