Sunday, January 15, 2023

Euthanasia is a cure for mental illness?!

As Canada prepares to expand its euthanasia law to include those with mental illness, some Canadians - including many of the country's doctors - question whether the country's assisted death programme has already moved too far, too fast.

"Making death too ready a solution disadvantages the most vulnerable people, and actually lets society off the hook," Dr Li said. "I don't think death should be society's solution for its own failures."


  1. Canada as a society lacks no moral anchor. What started as euthanasia for those who were in the last weeks of life and undergoing horrible suffering has evolved as our standard "If he gets it, why don't I?!" attitude takes over. The usual activists are already in place. If you don't support death on demand your medical credentials should be questioned because you don't care about patient suffering or patient autonomy and are clearly a religious fanatic trying to force your values onto the patient.

  2. "Canada as a society lacks no moral anchor."
    Probably should read:
    "Canada as a society has no moral anchor."


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