Sunday, January 8, 2023

The deal McCarthy struck was an inexplicable act of self destruction

While congratulations are in order to Speaker McCarthy, the role has been considerably weakened due to the reported concessions he made during this unseemly political shakedown. Clearly, the hardliners exacted more than a pound of flesh from McCarthy and most of the House GOP conference that will make governing exceedingly difficult.

It begs the question: Is surrendering your way to victory really winning? And when will this appeasement ever end, considering it only makes this extremist faction more powerful?

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  1. So Biden surrenders to the ecofascists and destroys the US' ability to be energy independent on his first day in office and that's okay. Then he surrenders to the teachers' unions and keeps school lockdowns in place for way longer than any other developed country with all the damage that causes and that's okay. Because surrenders to leftist extremists is progress, right?


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