Thursday, February 24, 2022

Biden faces another global crisis. This one resonates differently at home.

Biden advisers and allies also recognize that, in contrast to the near-uniform chorus of criticism they encountered over ending the Afghan war, Republicans are badly fractured on how to approach the unfolding conflict in Ukraine — and how hard to come down on Putin.

There’s little confidence that a new era of competition with Russia will suddenly restore the country’s political center, or take the steam out of modern partisanship. But they argue that the Republicans who have been lauding Putin — everyone from Donald Trump to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson — are playing to a winnowing crowd and will find themselves increasingly out of step with the majority of Americans.

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  1. All politics is local According to Michael Bloomberg, the Dem's are doomed in the fall. Yes, most Americans might favour kicking Russia in the ass but the Republicans know 2 things: 1) while most Americans would like that, they don't want to do the actual ass-kicking because they don't want American boys fighting and dying overseas. 2) Russia is far away. The local school board that is imposing a "All Whites are evil and have to pay for their oppressive history" curriculum and treats parental concerns as a form of "domestic terrorism" is nearby. That's what the election will be fought over and that's why the Dem's will lose.


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