Thursday, February 24, 2022

False Republican narrative - weak Democrat presidents encourage aggressive behavior


The desperation to divert from the weakness and ineptitude of Biden is stunning.
It was under a Democrat that Putin took the Crimea and set up Donbas. It was a Democrat's son (Hunter Biden) who got embroiled in a scandal in the Ukraine which we all know about despite the media's attempts to make the story disappear. Meanwhile it's now under another Democrat that Putin is invading Ukraine. But who's to blame? Trump!

Garnel Ironheart Again, the world's evil leaders all seem to feel more aggressive when Democrats are in the White House.
Lets look at the historic facts

Hoover - Stalin,Hitler Japan
Eisenhower - Korea, Hungary
Nixon - Surrender in Vietnam
Reagan - Lebanon 
Bush - Panama, 911, Iraq Afghanistan
Trump - Syria Turkey, Afghanistan

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