Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Former student files sexual abuse suit against former UCLA OB-GYN


The lawsuit against Wiesmeier alleged sexual battery and misconduct, civil rights violations and emotional harm. The lawsuit further alleged that the UC Regents were aware of Wiesmeier’s conduct but did not further investigate or use safeguards to prevent sexual abuse.

UCLA spokesperson Steve Ritea said in an emailed statement that sexual misconduct is inexcusable, adding that the university published a report in June 2020 compiled by an independent UC Regents special committee investigating misconduct at UCLA Health.

The report named multiple UCLA Health physicians, including Wiesmeier and UCLA OB-GYN James Heaps, who is also accused of sexual assault. Heaps was criminally indicted on 21 counts of felony sexual misconduct in May 2021 and civil lawsuits with hundreds of plaintiffs. He has pled not guilty on all counts.

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