Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Trump Called Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine "So Smart" In 2014

Donald Trump said in an April 2014 interview that Russia's invasion of Ukraine was "so smart."

Meanwhile, in another March 2014 speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump reiterated his praise for Putin's intervention in Ukraine, saying it was smart to do it right after the Olympics, which were held that year in Sochi.

"So he has the Olympics," Trump said that May. "The day after the Olympics, he starts with Ukraine. The day after. How smart? You know, he didn’t want to do it during the Olympics. Boom. The day after. So our athletes leave, we all leave, and the day after. And you know, when he goes in and takes Crimea, he’s taking the heart and soul because that’s where all the money is. I was surprised. I heard that the other day. They were saying, most of the wealth comes right from that area.”

"That's the area with the wealth," Trump continued. "So that means the rest of Ukraine will fall and it's predicted to fall fairly quickly. Because without the money, it's like this country. If we don't make this country great, it's gonna fall. It's gonna really fall. It's already falling. You go into our airports, you go look at our bridges, you look at our roadways, we're becoming a third-world country. So when you see what they're doing in Ukraine, it's just a question of time."

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