Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Trump's Policy Of Giving Putin Everything He Wants Was No Help To Ukraine


  1. Trump is right. Putin is brilliant. What do Chazal say? When the fox is doing well, bow down to him?
    Putin looked at the US and saw chaotic and ineffectual leadership. Obama was Neville Chamberlain reincarnated, willing to sign any peace deal that would delay the war until after he left office. Biden is demented. The US army is more worried about offending gay and trans soldiers than fielding a strong fighting force. NATO is a paper tiger that will never risk WW3 to defend eastern European members.
    His strategy was brilliant. Declare that he recognizes the two breakaway regions that he created and maintained as international states and then announce that he's sending troops in to help with unrest and aggression by Ukraine, the new villain for denying Donbas its self-determination.
    He knows that when the UNSC meets, he can easily veto any condemnation the rest of the council wants to throw at him and even if he doesn't, China will do it for him.
    The bottom line: in this new world order, bullies win. If the US wants to win, it has to become a bully.

  2. One thing you need to do is respect your enemy's capabilities.
    Financial sanctions are all NATO is ready to do. And Putin knew that. He's played this game several times.

  3. Absolutely. War /games is an ancient analogy. Chess, for example, was a military game, to prepare war strategies.
    Americans refer to the theater of War _ plays.

  4. Yes, it's a big geopolitical game, the same one the US and the USSR played during the Cold War.


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