Tuesday, February 22, 2022

GOP plays Ukraine blame game as pundits criticise ‘tyranny’ in Canada


With Vladimir Putin taking his most concrete steps yet towards a full-on invasion of Ukraine, many Republicans are seeking to blame the crisis on Joe Biden, arguing that Russia did not invade any countries while Donald Trump was president – despite the fact that Mr Trump repeatedly sided with Mr Putin over the US’s military and intelligence agencies, disdained Nato, and attempted to extort the Ukrainian government into investigating the Biden family.

Meanwhile, many right-wing pundits are increasingly incensed by the march of “tyranny” in another country: Canada, where prime minister Justin Trudeau is cracking down harshly on truckers his protesting Covid-19 policies. Far-right agitators like Candace Owens have gone so far as to call for American intervention, while a similar trucker convoy is reportedly planned to descend on Washington in time for Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.


  1. They're not wrong to be concerned about Canada.
    Officially the Emergencies Act ends after 30 days. In practice, both Trudeau and his ministers have said that they will keep it going indefinitely because, well because the minute they end it the truckers might return! We up here are now in a permanent state of emergency.

  2. Of course you have secret information the protest will not renew?!

  3. First of all, most of the truckers have already gone home. The organizers are in jail. The police are on alert.
    Second, declaring a state of emergency and then saying you can never lift it is something that, oh I don't know, the Nazis did back at the start of their reign.


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