Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Former top Trump Russia adviser details the sharp contrast between the former President and Biden


Fiona Hill doesn't know whether President Joe Biden can lead Western allies to ward off Russia's threat to Ukraine. But unlike his predecessor, he's trying.

At home, Trump softened Republicans' once-hawkish approach to Russia. Today, the leading Fox News hosts and other conservative voices -- "the ultimate stooges," as Hill calls them -- buttress Russian arguments as armed conflict looms.


  1. This is the desperation of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Here's Biden: If you don't leave Ukraine alone, I'm gonna, I'm gonna... well I'm not going to go to war to rescue it. I'm not going to send high level weaponry to level the playing field. But I'm gonna doing something! You just watch.
    Putin has been eyeing the Ukraine ever since he took the Crimea and set up the breakway "republics" in Donbas. Did it even occur to you that he waited, davka, until Biden was president to start his invasion because he saw Trump as a risk and Biden as a patsy?

  2. Did it ever occur to you that trump's pro Russia, pro dictatorship and anti- NATO policies encouraged Putin

  3. Yes, because President Trump did nothing when Putin invaded the Crimea... oh hang on. Well, President Trump did nothing when Putin helped Assad gas his civilians... oh hang on. You know, it seems that Putin only does bad things when Democrats are running the country.


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