Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Canadian parliament approves Trudeau's emergency powers


Lawmakers voted 185 to 151 in favor of Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act, with Trudeau’s Liberal Party gaining a majority with the support of the New Democrats.

Trudeau invoked the 1988 Emergencies Act last week, claiming authorities required it to empower them to forcibly end the Freedom Convoy protests which had shut down parts of downtown Ottawa for three weeks, and blocked land crossings to the US – including some primary trade routes – for six days.

Ahead of the parliament vote, Trudeau told reporters he still needed the emergency powers, citing “real concerns” over threats in the coming days.

"This state of emergency is not over. There continue to be real concerns about the coming days.”


  1. Justin is a demagogic liar who is on record as saying he admires how China's government runs that country. The convoy has been cleared. The organizers have been arrested. But the state of emergency continues and there will still be "real concerns" for months to come!

  2. https://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/fuss-over-justin-trudeaus-china-comment-a-lesson-for-liberal-leader-expert/
    Wow an of the cuff comment made in 2013 and then explained js your excuse to slander him in 2022?!
    When Trump made far more damming comments along those lines - while being president -I didn't notice any outrage from you

  3. The difference is that Justin is running a minority government and is acting like he no longer has to answer to Parliament. Imagine Bibi, a couple of election ago, declaring a state of emergency because, you know, Iran and all and continuing to rule without having a majority in the Knesset. That's what's happening here.
    Trump, for all your loathing of him, never exceeded his authority in power.


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