Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Manafort not hunter Biden

Garnel commented
The desperation to divert from the weakness and ineptitude of Biden is stunning. It was under a Democrat that Putin took the Crimea and set up Donbas. It was a Democrat's son (Hunter Biden) who got embroiled in a scandal in the Ukraine which we all know about despite the media's attempts to make the story disappear. Meanwhile it's now under another Democrat that Putin is invading Ukraine. But who's to blame? Trump! I see why Trump likes Israel so much. Like Israel, he gets blamed for everything even though most of the time he's not responsible.

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort authorised a secret media operation on behalf of Ukraine’s former president featuring “black ops”, “placed” articles in the Wall Street Journal and US websites and anonymous briefings against Hillary Clinton.

The project was designed to boost the reputation of Ukraine’s then leader, Viktor Yanukovych. It was part of a multimillion-dollar lobbying effort carried out by Manafort on behalf of Yanukovych’s embattled government, emails and documents reveal.

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