Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Rules of Halacha by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

God therefore granted the Jewish people as a whole a sort of collective Divine Inspiration so that they would be able to recognize the correct opinion in questions of Torah law. Therefore, when there is any question, it is ultimately decided on the basis of what becomes common practice. Hence, when a decision is accepted as a general custom, it becomes universally binding.

Therefore, any practice, decision or code that is universally accepted by the Jewish people is assumed to represent God's will and is binding as such. Even when a decision is initially disputed, the commonly accepted opinion becomes binding as law.


  1. Kaplan was just a freak who was no different from shabbetai zvi. A pantheist. All his books are nonsense. 1+1= 1 (Jewish meditation).
    He was basically brainwashing, using techniques from all the other cults around, and calling it Judaism.
    BTW, the golden calf. And later idolatry became common practice. That encapsulates what aryeh kaplan is all about.


    "Eastern religion..
    Mantra like quality... "

    Cult Kaplan!

  3. Ah, but what's the definition of "the Jewish people"? Certain groups might define it as "our community" which allows them to disregard larger communities that do differently.

  4. Ah, nobody knew about halacha, until Kaplan arrived on the scene, with his rabbinical career leading Conservative shuls, mixing Eastern Hinduism and Beatles gurus with Kabbalah, and proclaiming to define what Torah is.


    Here, Kaplan wrote a manuscript denying that rambam held by tehiyat hameitim. (even though it is ikkar no. 13/13)

    Kaplan is clearly an apikores and meisit.

  6. I asked Dayan berkovits ztl of London about the rambam 'S 13 principles of faith, whether they are binding. He said at the time they were written, there was room to debate. But now, they have been accepted. And are binding.


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