Monday, November 22, 2021

The Soul by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

Details of immortality are not mentioned in the Torah since revelation only deals with the present world. The prophet therefore says when speaking of the World to Come, "Never has the ear heard it -- no eye has seen it -- other than God: That which He will do for those who hope in Him" (Isaiah 64:3). That is, not even the great prophets were allowed to envision the reward of the righteous in the Ultimate future.


  1. Was he considered a gadol?

  2. No but he was widely respected and influential . His work has been republished bt Artscroll as well as Aish Hatorah and Ohr Someach

  3. "widely respected and influential . His work has been republished bt Artscroll as well as Aish Hatorah and Ohr Someach"
    A formula for infallibility? Wow! Tropper also taught at Ohr Sameach!

  4. A friend of mine who was at ohr sameach and was close to their rabbi Gottlieb, was shown (by r gottlieb) inconsistencies in Kaplan's books and wrong or misleading references/sources for his claims. The official approach was not to publicly attack him because of the influence on kiruv that his books had (even after his death).

  5. Wow! how terrible someone found wrong or misleading sources I never heard of such a terrible sin, And this disgrace was deliberately concealed. Now I see why you wanted to slander him

  6. Not infallibility but worthy of respect

    What have you done that makes you better?

  7. Of course, you show no respect for r Cardozo who has brought many people to Torah and orthodoxy, and regularly mock him.
    So now you take a lesson from yashke - let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

  8. Slander - verb
    make false and damaging statements about (someone).

    Nope - none of my statements were false.

    In his "handbook of Jewish belief " he says G-d is in everything, ( including my stone fireplace, the planets. And Mount Fuji. )

    In Jewish meditation he claims 1+1= 1

    In the video interview he says Judaism is an Eastern religion (hint, Hinduism etc).

    Plus he was a rabbi at 3 conservative shuls.

    None of these statements are slander. Whether they are damaging depends on whether one accepts the 13 ikkarim or not. Considering he wrote a book summing them up, then he was only slandering himself.

  9. "What have you done that makes you better"
    Rambam said that denying idolatry is akin to keeping the whole Torah.

  10. Nope - bottom line , chareidi mindset (and all other groups to an extent) is "our rashaim are ok, but not yours. Our apikorsim are OK, but not yours".

    Look at Tropper - after he was caught selling - or bartering, giur certificates, for mamash znus , there was no attack or anger , or protest by the 36 Tzaddikim he had bribed. Yes, Rav Shternbuch , and yourself, who opposed EJF all the way did protest. But not the people who were giving their blessing to EJF and Tropper. Why not? they opposed setting up a Modern Yeshiva in a frum university, why not protest a man setting up a Ponzi scheme of alleged giur, and then turning it into his own beis znus?

  11. please tell me what you think is wrong or sinful?
    God being in everything is an ancient unresolved dispute between Litvaks and chasidim
    Even if true math errors are not sins
    It is not apikorsus to say Judaism is a religion-even an Eastern or middle-eastern one
    BTW it was a dispute between Reb Yakov and Reb Moshe regarding being employed by reform or conservative
    Your description of him-which I blocked-was pure slander

  12. It's Like this - either "we" are orthodox or not. Louis jacobs was also orthodox, good semicha, gateshead etc. He said the same as you, regarding the 13 principles. Jacob's wants leeway on Torah min hashamayim - yes it's all from G-d, but we are open enough to have multiple authors.
    Kaplan is seeking leeway on incorporeality _ yes, He is incorporeal, but my Buddha from the east is also full of _ Chas shalom - godliness.
    And open orthodoxy /conserbadox want leeway with mishkav zachar. OK its forbidden, but only if you stand on one leg and wish to experiment. For regular gays who have no free choice, nebuch it's not assur.

    I am being mevaxeh all these movements - I was always told if you do away with one mitzva or one word of the Torah, the next one becomes easier to do away with.

    If god is in the Buddha, why is it assur to pray to him?

  13. You should study the laws of avoda zara instead of imagining them

  14. Eastern religion -
    The idea was to tie it in to the hippie penchant for gurus, meditation of avodah Zarah religions, Hinduism, Buddhism which drew a following from the Beatles in the 60s. Hare Krishna etc.
    This was the nonsense that a sub culture went for in the 1960s. It's also false.
    Kaplan's selling point was that Judaism is of the same ilk as those religions.
    It is highly suspicious that with all his involvement in those cult religions, conservative shuls, and presenting pantheism as part of Judaism, whether he remained within the confines of Torah.

  15. As per Maimonides?

  16. From 1;1

    "The wise men among them would think that there is no God other than the stars and spheres for whose sake, and in resemblance of which, they had made these images. The Eternal Rock was not recognized or known by anyone in the world, with the exception of a [few] individuals: for example, Chanoch, Metushelach, Noach, Shem, and Ever. The world continued in this fashion until the pillar of the world - the Patriarch Abraham - was born."

    That is what they hold by today.

  17. Sounds like a conspiracy theory in the making! You are creating a narrative

  18. here, in his Book on the 13 principles, he assents to the Rambam's 13 princples, and enunciates ikkar 3 about incorporeality.

    It is avaialble on this page, though i don't know how to expand it.

    IN his "Handbook" he violates these principles!

    that is the nature of snake, speaking with forked tongue.

  19. this is also interesting, left out of his Handbook-

    confirms theory of Evolution :)

  20. Don't preach or publish something you don't believe or uphold.

  21. This is just interesting, nothing more.
    however, that blog tells how many of his books were transcribed by his students from tapes, after his death.
    his books and lectures were for kiruv to students and lost kids in various cults. that doesn't place him with rambam, Albo, Ralbag, or ramchal in setting terms of Jewish belief.

  22. Now you are going from one extreme to another!
    Nobody ever claimed he was as great as Rambam in setting terms of Jewish belief.

    his greatness lay in communicating theology not creating it

  23. no, his greatness lay in mis-communicating theology


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