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Re-Inventing The Steal:" Tell Congress: Hands Off Of Our Daughters - Repeal Selective Service

"Re-Inventing The Steal:" Tell Congress: Hands Off Of Our Daughters - Repeal Selective Service

November 17, '21 / 13 Kislev, 5782 / Vayishlach

by Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter, Executive Director, Help Rescue Our Children

"A sign of an idiot is someone who repeats the same actions - expecting different results." 
(- attributed to A.E.)

We in the United States - now facing the specter of expansion of Selective Service to women - ignore the lessons of the disastrous Israeli female military draft at our own societal peril. Here's a vital summary of the relevant issues, in this Veteran's Day post, edited and posted by Arutz Sheva [on November 14]: 

Congress: Kill Selective Service, NOT Our Daughters:

Below are just a few sample articles relevant to sexual abuse and exploitation in the IDF -- from a secular Israeli media source, Israel HaYom. It should go without saying [but sadly needs to be said] that whatever nonsense and iniquity we see coming from the Israeli government or Army does not reflect in any way on Judaism or the Jewish People.  Also realize that whatever news passes Israeli military censors is likely not fully reflective of the full gravity of the actual realia.

1) Reports of sexual assault, harrassment in the IDF up by 24%: 
IDF attributes rise in complaints of sexual assault, sexual harassment to ongoing "collective trauma" caused by the COVID pandemic and says it is working to eradicate such attacks from its ranks. 

By  Lilach Shoval  Published on  02-16-2021 08:28 Last modified: 02-16-2021 08:28

2) IDF parents claim daughters sexually harassed while serving as lookouts 

In a letter posted on social media, parents of female lookouts of the 636th Battalion describe their base as "an aggressive and violent environment that excludes women and imposes humiliating and disrespectful rules." 

By  Hanan Greenwood and Shahar Benjamini  Published on  05-07-2021 09:47 Last modified: 05-08-2021 09:21

3) Sexual harassment victims cannot be ignored over 'inconvenient practices' 

Investigating an anonymous sexual assault complaint has its challenges, but dismissing it from the start due to fear of it being a way to "settle scores" is outrageous and fundamentally wrong. 

By  Efrat Nachmani-Barr and Sharon Zaggi-Pinchas  Published on  10-11-2021 09:56 Last modified: 10-11-2021 10:44 

Clearly, the Israeli military drafting of women has decimated the culture. It's literally stolen away the indescribably magnificent spiritual destiny of generations of Israeli mothers. It's had a pernicious effect on the abortion rate. It's stolen untold numbers of Jewish babies from our People, to the detriment of national security, to which female-draft propagandists pay shallow homage.

In America, let's not allow either Democrats or Republicans* to "reinvent the Steal" here by expanding Selective Service to women, or to enable additional "national emergency" conscription.

Our daughters aren't government property.

Tell Congress today: Kill Selective Service, not our daughters.

To contact Congress by phone:

Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121

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