Wednesday, November 24, 2021

COVID in Israel: Cases highest in month, immunity declining, expert warns 

Over 50% of new virus carriers are younger than 12. PM Bennett called on parents to get kids vaccinated and ordered antigen tests for students before they return to school after the Hanukkah break.

The immunity against the coronavirus among the Israeli population appears to be declining, an expert warned the coronavirus cabinet on Tuesday, as the country registered the highest number of cases in a month.
Talking to the ministers, Prof. Eran Segal, a computational biologist for the Weizmann Institute, said that since the beginning of November, numbers have been pointing to a fall in the immunity of the population, similar to what happened in May.
According to Segal, the decline is caused by the fact that more time has passed for people who were only vaccinated with the first two shots since they were inoculated and therefore their immunity is dropping – and a similar scenario is occurring for those who recovered but did not get vaccinated.


  1. Again, case numbers are nice. What are the hospitalization numbers like?

  2. My question is how many people that catch it are blood type O. And of these people, how many end up in the hospital or die. ?


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