Monday, November 22, 2021

Bodies pile up outside hospital morgue as Romania struggles with fourth wave of Covid

 Romania has one of Europe's lowest vaccination rates.

Just under 36% of the population has been vaccinated, even though the country's vaccination campaign got off to a good start last December.
Medical workers and officials attribute this low vaccination rate to a variety of factors, including suspicion of the authorities, deeply held religious beliefs, and a flood of misinformation surging through social media. 
"Look at the reality," said Col. Dr. Valeriu Gheorghita, an army doctor who runs the national vaccination campaign. "We have our intensive care units full of patients. We have lots of new cases. We have, unfortunately, hundreds of deaths every day. So this is the reality. And more than 90% of patients who died were unvaccinated."

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  1. What surprises me most is that German and Austria are struggling. You'd figure they'd have near 100% compliance but their numbers are staggering as well.


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