Monday, November 22, 2021

My Body, My Choice? The Paradox of Republican Anti-vaxxers

 The first time I saw a photo of an anti-vaxxer with a sign that read “My Body My Choice,” I was sort of puzzled. I thought perhaps the photo editor had used the wrong image to accompany the story—but then I saw that the sign also included a picture of a mask with a red line across it. No, these people weren’t protesting a government that was regulating uteruses, a government that was telling women when they could end a pregnancy that was going on in their own bodies. They were instead protesting a simple and painless public-health measure. They were mad at the idea of having to wear a piece of fabric on their faces. For this particular group, government regulation was fine unless it was regulating them—at which point it became a horrible infringement on their constitutional rights.

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  1. There's no paradox.
    "My body, my choice" is not an argument that conservatives consider legitimate when it's about abortion. No one argues a woman has control over her body. The argument is that the foetus is not her body and she doesn't have a choice what to do with it.


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