Saturday, November 20, 2021

Young US Jews thriving the least in their spiritual lives — cross-religious survey

A massive survey conducted over the past year found that even as young Americans are rejecting traditional organized religion, they are still embracing faith and spirituality, broadly defined.

The pollsters behind the Springtide Research Institute, a new nonprofit dedicated to research about the “inner and outer lives” of young people, say their poll, of more than 10,000 Americans between 13 and 25, is without recent precedent in its size and breadth. They also said Jewish respondents — 215 in total, a sample size they identified as statistically significant — appeared to be among those thriving the least in their religious and spiritual lives.


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  1. Because "Judaism" for them is not distinct. There is no spirituality. It's about being Work and into Social Justice just like every other person in the ideological silo. It's not a source of a relationship to God and even if it was, the god they believe in agrees with everything they think and asks nothing challenging of them.


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