Monday, November 29, 2021

Understanding the Marc Gafni Story

In 2004, The Jewish Week ran a damning exposé on Gafni, which included Mr. Gafni’s admission of the incidents with the ninth-grader, as well as the news that Shlomo Riskin had rescinded his rabbinic ordination. The article quoted Gafni saying he now took precautions against future missteps: “‘I don’t work with kids,’” Gafni said, “‘I don’t counsel men or women, and I don’t meet alone with women.’”


  1. A) an entire community changes from conservative to being frum, eg observing shabbat, placing a mechutza, Kashrut etc.

    B) rabbi riskin hires a bright, dynamic student.
    C) that Young rabbi turns out to be a menuval.

    The above is very sad - but it does not negate the community who did teshuva,
    And there is no evidence of riskin being the ghislain Maxwell to ganfni-Epstein.

    Sadly, if anyone brings back chilonim, they risk bringing back trouble. Chabad create this problem, as do aish and or someyach.

  2. where is your evidence he made the community shomer shabat
    he changed the shul's affiliation from conservative to orthodox not the same thing

  3. Do you know the whole story?
    A large part of the community moved to efrat with him. Now, if you have ever been to efrat, it is a frum community, and the yeshivot are there.

    I don't agree with everything he says. Doesn't mean he is total sinner.


    Presumptuous of him establishing yeshivot there, isn't it?

  5. The difference is, whereas he changed a conservative Shul to modern orthodox, in aryeh Kaplan's case the conservative synagogue changed him to non orthodox.

  6. In all seriousness, I criticized riskin as well, for his "panentheism"


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