Thursday, November 25, 2021

Shocking allegations regarding female soldiers in security prisons

Coalition chair MK Idit Silman has asked the Minister of Internal Security, Omer Bar-Lev, to establish a government review committee to examine the Israel Prison Service’s conduct with regard to conditions for female IDF soldiers working in prisons where security prisoners are held.

“In view of the shocking and serious allegations made by a senior Prisons Service official, a government review committee is required to conduct a thorough and in-depth examination of conditions,” Silman wrote, “even though the events described did not occur during the term of office of the current government.”

The allegations date back to 2018 but regained prominence this week when Gilboa Prison commander Ben Shitrit gave testimony regarding the prison break-out that occurred there earlier this year. Ben Shitrit had noted that female soldiers were allowed to be used by security prisoners being held in the Gilboa Prison, “in order to keep them happy.”

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