Saturday, April 13, 2024

U.S. Moves Warships to Defend Israel in Case of Iranian Attack

The U.S. rushed warships into position to protect Israel and American forces in the region, hoping to head off a direct attack from Iran on Israel that could come as soon as this weekend.

The moves by the U.S. that are part of an effort to avoid a wider conflict in the Middle East came after a warning from a person familiar with the matter about the timing and location of the potential Iranian attack. A person briefed by the Iranian leadership, however, said that while plans to attack are being discussed, no final decision has been made.

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  1. The question is: what comes next?
    When the US killed Solemeini, the two sides quietly negotiated an appropriate revenge target, the Iranians attacked the US base that was empty and the matter was ended.
    Iran seems to think that this attack is the same - their revenge for Israel's recent attack.
    Is the matter closed or is this the start of an escalation?


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