Monday, April 15, 2024

Iran’s Ominous Attack on Israel

White House theories of escalation management don’t work against a regime that thinks a U.S. President fears escalation more than Iran does. U.S. restraint since the Oct. 7 massacre has encouraged Tehran to see how much more it can get away with.


  1. Look, there are three basic factors at work here
    1) Israel humiliated Iran by killing their general in Lebanon
    2) Biden desperately wants to give the ayatollahs nukes
    3) Iran wants to avoid a regional war until it has nukes.
    So what we watched on motzei Shabbos was a finely choreographed event.
    1) Iran launced slow moving drones, easily shot down by US and allied forces to make it look like there is regional support for containing Iran
    2) Iran launced missles that Israel's defence system is custom-built to intercept and, big surprise, it worked.
    3) Iran can now pretend "We struck Israel!" Israel is, Baruch HaShem, unharmed so there is no justification for a further escalation. As fas the US is concerned, the matter is ended and they can go back to giving Iran billions in sanctions relief and time to build their nukes.
    Consider: if Iran really did want to harm Israel, all it had to do was tell Hezbollah to start a massive bombardment of Tel Aviv and everything north of that. That would've cause, chaliha, serious damage but it didn't happen. In fact, Hezbollah did nothing. Because Iran wanted to make a point, not actually trigger a response from Israel.

  2. Where did this nonsense come from?


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