Thursday, April 18, 2024

MAGA Media Learns in Real-Time That NYC Isn’t a Dystopian Hellscape

While speculating about the jury selection and how Trump faces an uphill climb with the largely Democratic base of New York, Glenn suddenly admitted that the city wasn’t quite what he expected based on what he’d been fed by conservative media.

In a clip flagged by journalist Jacqueline Sweet, Glenn noted that he and his crew had driven in from Philadelphia on Sunday and spent the day “exploring” New York and came to the stunning realization that the city was fairly peaceful.

“I gotta say, I thought I would see more [of a] homeless situation here,” he said. “I thought I would see a little more chaos on the streets than, um, from what I’ve been told. And I didn’t see as much as I thought I would.”

The MAGA pundit went on to speculate that New York City Mayor Eric Adams may have “cleaned up certain parts of the city” in anticipation of the press coverage Trump’s trial would bring, adding that Adams could have “shifted” undesirable elements to “other parts of the city.”


  1. Right, he spent an afternoon exploring New York. Yes, one afternoon is all you'd need to get a good look at the whole city.

    1. It is if you belief the nonsense Trump supporters have been claiming!

    2. All major US cities are seeing an uptick in crime. The Democrat solution has to been to tell cops to simply do nothing about it. Then they say "Look, less charges are being filed! Less crimes are being committed!"

    3. Nope!

      What is your source
      'Overall, the findings suggest that most offenses in the sample cities are bending back toward 2019 levels, though some are not. Homicide, the most serious of the crimes, has yet to fully recede but, except in some cities, is trending in the right direction. Likewise, aggravated assaults and gun assaults declined last year but remain above 2019 levels, with gun assaults 32% higher than before the pandemic.


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