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Is Lonna Kin trying to get an annulment?

GUEST POST: by Shmuel Halevi

After many years of producing many false Seiruvim against Meir Kin, and after her using the Social Media and ORA to condemn Meir, Lonna has appealed to a new Bais Din, “The International Beit Din” of Rabbi Simcha Krauss and Rabbi Ronnie Warburg. This Bais Din was specifically formed for the purpose of issuing annulments. The Frum Orthodox world has never accepted annulments; but only under very rare and exclusive conditions. See: Jewish Week and  Jewish Weekly a letter from the Rogatshover below, strongly condemning annulments.

However a recent Summons to Meir Kin from this Bais Din hints to the upcoming annulment.

After Meir Kin  left her a Get in 2008, see Mishpat Tzedek and Mishpat Tzedek. Lonna still wants to remain obstinate and continue to pretend that she is an Aguna. Meir has remarried with a Heter Mea Rabbonim after years of her prosecuting him in the civil courts and obtaining a Gag-order prohibiting him from divulging certain facts to a Bais Din that would of awarded him custody in a Bais Din. In the next few weeks their son Moshe will be Bar_Mitzva and thanks to Lonna, she had arranged once again in the courts that Meir cannot attend  the Bar Mitzva celebration .  It is after seeing  Lonna for years  maliciously prosecuting Meir in the civil courts, coupled with her muzzling him via the Gag-Order, and refusing to come to Din Torah to dissolve their marriage, did the Bais Din issue a Heter Meah Rabbonim to remarry. Boruch Hashem the new couple seem to be very happy together. While most women after seeing their ex-husbands remarry, end their conflicts and move on, Lonna has refused to do so and instead chooses to pursue  an annulment. Unfortunately ORA has empowered these women to never “NEGOTIATE” a divorce but believe in hard-line arm-twisting, Hamas-style tactics to achieve their goals. Lonna and ORA have even succeeded in getting Meir expelled from Shul. (This in  itself is a future topic for discussion if the Chabad rabbis were justified in doing this to a man who has A Bais Din justifying his position.) 

We have seen these similar social media  tactics play out before, in the Rivky Stein  and Gital Dodelson . see: Youtube   and Youtube    (see the segment at 21:38 minutes where Lonna hints to wanting an annulment.)    One can notice from Rabbi Ronnie Warburg’s letter that   a) his demeanor diminishes any right of Meir in choosing a Bais Din.  Also notice that he doesn’t offer an alternate Bais Din or Zabla option   b)  it shows clear and concise refusal of Lonna to accept his executed GET   c) He declares without ever seeing the GET or hearing testimony from anyone at the GET writing, that it’s a “gerushin al tenai” D) He  clearly acknowledges that A  GET has been prepared on her behalf and if in fact he issues her an annulment despite the GET,  it would be the first time that an orthodox Bais Din would issue an annulment EVEN AFTER LEARNING THAT  A GET HAS BEEN EXECUTED!   

Rabbi Ronnie Warburg, will you be issuing an annulment or another false Seiruv #4 , against a man who responded to your summons? Why would Lonna Kin after issuing Meir 3 false Seiruvim, using strong arm ORA tactics for 10 years with multiple ORA rallies , condemning Meir in the public eye,  suddenly go to a different  Bais Din?


  1. The letter says it all. "Mrs Kin is unwilling to comply with your tenai"

    It is my understanding that the only condition you have set forth is not your tenai but is the halocho, namely that Ms Kin get out of secular court. And that means stopping to force you to abide by the decisions the court made many years ago. It also means that she is chayav to pay for all the expenses you incurred in respect of her litigation in arko"oys.

    I am unsure why you need to get onto the gag order other than to please those who hold that the best interests of the child prevails when choosing who should have custody. The prevailing opinion is that a boy goes to the father. It is hard to argue that someone who is oyver mesirah, and who has been meirim yad b"toras Moshe is the better parent.

    It is clear cut from the Shulchan Oruch that this woman has no rights to summons anyone to a bais din since she is in arko"oys. That a b"bais din" sends a summons on her behalf and continues to do so when she is in arko"oys has disqualified them if they are aware of this.

    Lastly toveah holech achar hanitvoh so there is no way in the world that this bais din can issue a siruv against you according to halocho. Even if you hold zabla takes precedence which is very debatable, you cannot have the status of being a mesarav l'din if you offer her at least one kosher bais din.

    reshoim afilu bechayehem krooyim meisim.

  2. "The Frum Orthodox world has never accepted annulments" - I thought RMF was both Frum and Orthodox, as well as being accepted.

  3. @Eddie perhaps he meant to say that annulments based on the fact that the husband won't give a get and therefore he is obviously inherently cruel and therefore she would never have married him and therefore the marriage never existed - i.e., Rackman annulments- have never been accepted.

  4. The rabbis of this beit din are the typical left-wing activist rabbis the modern crowd often produces.

    In any event, if Lonna Kin wants to become an adulteress who produces mamzeirim, this would be the way about doing it.

  5. How is this beit din any different than the Rackman Beit Din? Pretty much the same stuff.

  6. A so-called "beit din" like the one in the letter might be more accurately described as a feminist inquisition. A normal self-respecting man is unlikely to appear before such an inquisition so they resort to issuing bogus "annulments". A man who voluntarily appears before such a "beit din" is risking being "burned at the stake" in regard to his halachic rights.

  7. Unfortunately ORA has empowered these women to never “NEGOTIATE” a divorce but believe in hard-line arm-twisting, Hamas-style tactics to achieve their goals.

    So unfortunate, yet so true.

  8. fedupwithcorruptrabbisJuly 30, 2014 at 3:54 PM

    what a joke to summons him yet to another Bais Din? Lonna wake up and smell the coffee!! Meir moved on and remarried! Your persistent persecution of him,by trying to strip him of any halachic rights has given him the HETER to remarry. Stop telling people that hes asking you for monies rather you have caused him damages the way Rivky stein, and Gital Dodelson have! The time has come for women to pay for their crimes! Unfortunately the Rabbis today turn their cheeks at the women who commit the Aveiro of litigating in Civil Courts. Stop firing your guns Lonna, and do the right thing. Its called " Good-Faith Negotiations"! Stop bullying Meir by piling up one YU affiliated Bais Din after the next against him. Your plan wont work as Meir has the Halocho on his side. 1. he went to Bais Din and you went to court first. 2. Your gag order has prevented him from talking freely at any Bais Din which is against Halocho. 3) he left you a GET in 2008 so you are not an AGUNA because you have a way out But if you so wish to receive an anullment from Ronnie warburg and simcha Krauss you will be showing the world what frumkeit means to you. You will be causing other men to sin with an Eishet ISH!

  9. fedupwithcorruptrabbisJuly 30, 2014 at 4:17 PM

    I heard that ORA and JOFA spearheaded the creation of the International Beit Din especially after Mendel Epstein and Martin Wolmark were arrested, since the Jewish feminists have no other option other than following Halocho in the divorce process, and they dont want their backs against the wall, so the next best option is ANNULMENTS

  10. Another private dirty family fight that Eidensohn has to plaster all over the world
    with his Loshon Horah sewer blog,
    Eidensohn,have you no shame ?,AND YOU HAVE THE chutzpah to call this Daas torah,please go get a job and do something with your boring and miserable life,
    sitting all day in front of a computer and trolling the web,to try and dig up some dirt,and plaster it all over the world,SHAME ON YOU.

  11. fedupwithcorruptrabbisJuly 30, 2014 at 4:34 PM

    The problem with the feminist leaning rabbis and ORA is that they equate and accuse any man who evokes his halachic right in the GET process as a "
    Recalcitrant husband ,GET REFUSER. Meir has never refused to give her a GET, but unfortunately after 10years of grueling sadistic attacks by Lonna via ORA against him, he endured alot of financial damages including losing employment at His Good Samaritan Hospital job. Lonna is refusing to acknowledge that her approach to divorce was anti-torah and acrominous from the start. She should of attended the Bais Din of Even Hamishpot from Rabbi Moshe Gobioff, Monsey Ny 10 years ago and heeded his warning that she would be responsible to pay his damages if she continues her relentless persecution in the civil courts and with ORA. This is why ORA must be banished as they promote contention in Divorcesand dont allow for orderly negotiations to occur because they are paid Jewish merceneries to hunt down husbands who dont give gittin within 1 month of the woman filing for Divorce. Incidently, ORA's first rally against Meir was in 2005, merely few months into the divorce process causing Meir to lose his job!

  12. fedupwithcorruptrabbisJuly 30, 2014 at 4:52 PM

    After reading the hazmono from the International Beit Din, it is very apparent of Lonnas recalcitrant behavior. You see after many years of not resolving a divorce conflict and issuing multiple false and corruptive seiruvim, you would think that ending the matter with a mediator would be the most logical approach. Instead Lonna chooses to continue with her aggressive stance and refuses to accept a GET but instead follows after an unrecognized Bais Din that is created for the purpose of procuring annulments for women. Lonna you and Rivky Stein have been exposed!!!

  13. This is why ORA must be banished as they promote contention in Divorces and don't allow for orderly negotiations to occur because they are paid Jewish mercenaries to hunt....

    You are so correct. They will, BE"H meet their day. Just as Wolmark and Epstein did. Wolmark was worse than Epstein, in that he did not do it for money - he did it since he felt "it was right". There are cases where his encouragement and advice not to negotiate is what cased the silly girl not to have a get for years. In one case, even when she got a very questionable get, she didn't get a ptur.... Of course, the woman he convinced himself he was "helping" is much worse off because of this! Good going Mordy!

  14. RDE: rackman gitten have always been accepted by BDA affiliated ORA.

  15. R kraus is not MO, not YU

  16. You might be referring to a different Rabbi Kraus, as there is a Rabbi Kraus who "was a close student of the rav", taught at YU for two decades etc.



  17. His online biography says he learnt under RJBS and that he's a religious zionist.

  18. "Mrs Kin is unwilling to comply with your tenai" - Translated from doubletalk, this letter seems to be really saying: Mrs. Kin is unwilling to comply with halacha that she remove all court orders she obtained in violation of halacha. Therefore the "beit din" has ruled in advance according to Mrs. Kin's "psak". Mrs. Kin is free of any obligations to remove the court orders, while the "beit din" will insist that Meir Kin comply with Mrs. Kin's demand that a GET be provided.

  19. fedupwithcorruptrabbisAugust 1, 2014 at 4:30 AM

    It is an outrage that Lonna Kin as Rivky Stein, used the public stage to cry Aguna and now tosses her cause to the side and so conveniently will seek an annulment. This is clearly her motive for contacting the above Bais Din and she admits in the video as well. She states in the video that she "loves Torah" and would never date without a GET and all of a sudden she is ready to capitulate and receive an annullment. Wait a second! What about your son dont you have any shame that if you receive an annulment you are brandishing him as born out of wedlock??? It amazes me that 10 years she invested in fighting for a GET, then all of a sudden, good-bye? I am sorry Lonna Kin but you are not a person who loves Torah and will fight to do the right thing, but rather you do what is "convenient" to do at the moment. I guess this is why you didnt do the right thing 10 years ago when summoned to the Bais Din of Rabbi Gobioff and instead persecuted your husband in Supreme Court, until you decided to discontinue your divorce action in 2006 because it was "convenient" for you once again to not be caught with the "evidence on your computer" and then you found it so "convenient" to have meir Gagged so no Bais Din could hear evidence about what was on those computers!
    see http://www.scribd.com/doc/226677133/Gobioff-to-Lonna-2?secret_password=HcVPZCunnVvLTXOCtvxV

    So now after your fake Aguna story has been discovered, and after Meir didnt capitulate to your acts of terror and harrassment by your buddy ORA, and after Meir's remarriage, you found it so "convenient" to toss your Aguna fight away and seek an annulment. Are you planning to also remove everything from the internet and end the war against Meir or are you going to "conveniently"dance at 2 weddings- Keep the annulment and keep claiming to be an Aguna?


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