Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Tzadikim are like G-d!

 Bereishis Rabbah (77:01) AND JACOB WAS LEFT ALONE, etc.. It is written, There is none like unto G-d, O Jeshurun. There is none like G-d; yet who is like G-d? Jeshurun, which means the noblest and best among you. You will find that G-d anticipated in this world through the agency of the righteous everything that He will do in the Hereafter. Thus G-d will resurrect the dead, and Elijah resurrected the dead; G-d shuts up the rain, and Elijah shut up the rain; G-d will bless the little [in quantity], and Elijah blessed the little [in quantity]. God resurrects the dead and Elisha resurrects the dead; G-d remembered childless women, and Elisha remembered childless women. G-d blessed the little and Elisha blessed the little; G-d sweetened the bitter and Elisha sweetened the bitter; G-d sweetened the bitter through the agency of bitter, and Elisha sweetened the bitter through the agency of bitter.

Devarim Rabbah 10:3) The G-d of Israel said, The Rock of Israel spoke to me: Ruler over men shall be the righteous, even he that ruleth in the fear of G-d And what means, ' The righteous, even he that ruleth in the fear of G-d’? The righteous have power over the same things as G-d, if one may say so. In which way? Everything that G-d does, the righteous do.3 How is this illustrated? G-d remembers barren women; Elisha, too, remembered the Shunammite woman. G-d quickens the dead; and Elisha, too, brought back to life the son of the Shunammite woman. G-d parts the seas, Elijah and Elisha, too, parted seas. G-d heals without emollients, and Elisha healed Naaman without emollients. G-d sweetens the bitter waters, and Elisha sweetened the bitter waters G-d withholds the rain, and Elijah withheld the rain.G-d causes rain to fall, and Samuel caused rain to fall,. G-d sends down fire, and Elijah brought down fire from heaven., 

Zohar (1:9b - 10a): R’ Shimon told his son that once a non-Jewish philosopher challenged him by saying: You claim that G d rules over the height of heaven and that all the angels cannot approach Him and don’t know His place. If so Yermiyahu (10:7): “Amongst all the sages in the world none can compare to You G d” does not constitute high praise since He is just being compared to mortal man? … Can I infer from this verse that only among the sages of the non Jews is there no one like G d but amongst the Jews there are those like G d? If that inference is correct that the Jewish sages are like G d - doesn’t that mean that G d is not omnipotent? If you look carefully at the verse you will see that my inference is in fact correct! R’ Shimon replied: Your deduction that some Jewish sages are comparable to G d is in fact true. Only G d can resurrect the dead - yet we find that Eliyahu and Elisha resurrected the dead. Only G d can make it rain - yet Eliyahu controlled the rain through his prayer. G d made heaven and earth - yet they were firmly established for the sake of Avraham. G d determines the course of the sun - yet Yehoshua made it stand still. G d makes decrees but so did Moshe and they were fulfilled. Furthermore G d makes decrees which are nullified by the tzadikim as we learn from Shmuel 2 23:3). In addition G d commanded them to literally follow in His ways and to be like Him in every way. The philosopher went and converted to Judaism at K’far Shekalim and he was given the name of Yossi Kattina. He studied Torah very diligently until he became one the leading sages and righteous people of that location.

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