Monday, April 22, 2024

Dershowitz: Trump 'can call me crazy American Jew,' but he may vote for Biden 

Dershowitz said that, despite his criticism of the current president, he may vote for Biden in the November elections and rejected Trump's description of any Jew that would vote for the president as crazy. "If he wants to call me a crazy American Jew, that's fine," he concluded.


  1. When you vote for a president, you also vote for the administration he brings in, like it or not.
    So would you rather have Pompeo or Blinken as foreign minister? Would you rather have a bunch of amateurs spending their time trying to flatter Trump or a bunch of saboteurs spending their time trying to flatter Iran?
    Yes, Biden is personally quite fond of Jews and, if it was just him, I could understand Jews preferring him to Trump. But with Biden you get one of the most Jew-hating administrations in history whose malicious intents are barely held in check by their president.

  2. Blinking blinken, accuses Israel of becoming identical to Hamas. And any believing Jew can still vote for Dems?

  3. I'm definitely interested in the opinion of the attorney who got Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart deal that allowed him to keep raping children. And I'm very reassured to know that, by his own testimony, Alan Dershowitz kept his underwear on during his massage on Epstein's Island.


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