Friday, April 26, 2024

Biden won't sanction Israeli military units accused of human rights violations in West Bank before start of war with Hamas

The Biden administration has determined that three military battalions with the Israel Defense Forces committed "gross human rights violations" against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank but will remain eligible for U.S. military aid regardless because of steps Israel says it's taking to address the problem, ABC News has learned.

The administration assessment, which has not yet been made public, was outlined in an undated letter by Secretary of State Antony Blinken to House Speaker Mike Johnson obtained by ABC News.

The U.S. determination "will not delay the delivery of any U.S. assistance and Israel will be able to receive the full amount appropriated by Congress," Blinken wrote.


  1. That Blinken is a child of survivors makes his anti-Israel efforts especially shameful.

    1. What anti-Israel efforts?
      He is not sanctioning the IDF!

    2. He walks into Israel and announces that he wants to have a one-on-one with the army chief of staff. Do you think he'd show that disrespect to any other country?
      He repeatedly treats Hamas and Israel as equivalent partners in the conflict, both equally responsible. He has implied that Arab terrorists are equal in moral status to the Israeli hostages.
      And yes, he's part of Obama's "Let's give Iran the bomb" squad.

    3. you neglected to mention his anti-Isrrael efforts you condemned before.
      Was this simply your reflex to follow the flavor of the day on rightwing media?


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