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The Making of a Hetter

 Kuntress Kedushas Yisrael

The Making of a Hetter

An Analysis of the Recent

Hetter of a Giyores to a Kohen

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Recently, many Gedolim and Roshei Yeshivos signed letters opposing a hetter that was given to allow someone who was muchzak as a kohen to marry a giyores. The Rabbonim did not mince words and blatantly called this hetter a great pirtzah in kedushas yisroel. Unfortunately, the wedding has already taken place, however the primary pirtzah is not merely the specific details of this particular hetter, rather the Rabbonim felt that the entire approach upon which the hetter was based was disturbing.

This presentation is being made in an effort to bring the details of this story to light. We welcome any response or feedback, and we would be grateful if this kuntress would provide the impetus for further clarification of the issues being raised. Much effort has been made to document factual and verifiable information, and to source the information as much as possible. The information presented is based on documents from the Beis Din being mattir, conversations with Rabbonim involved in the issue, and independent investigation of the facts presented.

We will begin with a timeline of events, after which we will present the written hetter of the Beis  an analysis of this information


  1. The making of a heter is very simple. First, the person requesting it reminds the Rav of how rich he is...

  2. Finally, someone is publicly calling out and naming those behind the manufacture of the faux "hetter".

  3. Brought to you, in part, by the architect of the perversion of Halacha, where a married woman, living in Philadelphia, was allowed to marry a second man, without first receiving a Get.

    1. Do we have a comprehensive summary and analysis of the Tamar Friedman case like this well written document?

    2. I don't know of the existence of a similar summary of the Tamar Friedman case. But this blog has covered the topic extensively, and a simple search will lead you to much source material found on the various pages here.


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