Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Donald Trump Faces Backlash for Comments on Black and Jewish Voters 

Former President Donald Trump is facing backlash after offering his opinions on why Jewish and Black voters largely favor Democratic political candidates.

During an interview with right-wing radio host Wayne Allyn Root on Monday, Trump argued that "any Jewish person" who votes for President Joe Biden "does not love Israel" and "should be spoken to." He then suggested that most Black and Jewish voters choose Biden and other Democratic candidates because they have "a bad habit."

"Any Jewish person who votes for Biden does not love Israel and frankly should be spoken to," Trump told Root, who once described himself as a Jewish convert to evangelical Christianity. "He is totally on the side of the Palestinians and frankly it's incredible that, historically, Jewish people vote for Democrats."

"Maybe its just a bad habit when you vote for a Democrat," he added. "A lot of its habit. Jewish people, by habit, they vote for the Democrats. And Black people, by habit, vote for the Democrats."


  1. Biden said if you don't vote for him "U ain't black" but if Trump says something similar that makes some sense, he is evil incarnate. (Granted he is no Tzadik)

    1. We went through this already - Biden apologized for the comment while Trump has said he has never made a mistake

    2. Nonetheless, it is out of context. He is stating his personal disbelief. Bidens comment was insidious. He also is not better for apologizing, its only a difference of political tactics.

  2. If you didn't vote for me, you ain't Black!
    Let's go Brandon!


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