Sunday, February 18, 2024

The GOP’s 2024 Campaign Message Is Falling Apart

Ever since Joe Biden took the White House, Republicans have seemed to know exactly how they were going to toss him out.

The plan was simple: Hammer Biden on two of his greatest weaknesses—the economy, and immigration.

By the time the 2024 general election rolls around, the GOP will have spent years showing voters how inflation was out of control, how the economy was better under Donald Trump, and how America was safer with Trump and the GOP’s more restrictive border policies. That was how Republicans would take back the White House, seize the Senate, and pad their light majority in the House.

Less than nine months out from Election Day, however, Republicans are now confronting the reality that none of those messages may work—because none of them may be true.

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  1. Funny thing, the American people must also be fooled because Trump leads in almost every poll against Biden.
    The border is out of control and saying it isn't won't change that and won't fool people.
    Inflation is still high, life is more unaffordable and it's getting worse. The Soviets also used to tell their citizens they had it great as they lined up for a single boiled potato and egg each day.
    With every press conference he gives, Biden convinces more and more people of his mental infirmity. Claiming he is as sharp as ever isn't fooling anyone anymore.
    And American's general safety and security from crime is plummeting in all the blue states, no matter how much cherry picking of the statistics is done. American society is falling apart, people know that and when the media insists "No, things are much better now!" no one listens.
    Because we've been through this before, all the lies about how the economy under Trump was collapsing when it was the best it had been in years, when we were told that burning cities and billions in damage were the results of "mostly peaceful protests". No, the media has no trust and you repeating their lies is like Walter Duranty telling us about how great the USSR was.


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