Monday, February 12, 2024

‘Enough to make Reagan ill': Trump’s NATO remarks under fire

“NATO has been a success story for the last 75 years. But what bothers me about this is, don’t take the side of a thug, who kills his opponents. don’t take the side of someone who has gone in and invaded a country and half a million people have died or been wounded because of Putin,” Haley said Sunday during an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

“Now, we do want NATO allies to pull their weight. But there are ways you can do that without sitting there and telling Russia, have your way with these countries. That’s not what we want,” she added.


  1. Again, it's time for NATO members to pull their weight. Trump is cruedly saying that America has spent enough blood and treasure to ensure the security of a bunch of freeloaders and he's tired of it.
    Look at Canada. American pretty much does all our military protection because generations of liberal governments that don't value the military turned our army into a joke. And in return, we insult America and mock them. Why would they appreciate that?
    Trump's teling Europe - shape up, we're not interested in helping you unless you help yourself.

    1. nonsense!
      If he said this about Israel you would sing a different tune!

  2. But he wouldn't say this about Israel because Israel, unlike Europe, pulls its own weight and provides value to the alliance.

    1. Wow! So you belief in the integrity of a narcissistic dictator wannabe who is a chronic liar


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