Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Fox News is real sad that Trump is ranked worst president ever


As NPR noted about the presidential survey, it is hard to call out partisanism here:

Experts responding to the survey who self-identified as conservatives rated Biden No. 30, while liberals put him 13th and moderates ranked him 20th. All three of those same groups ranked Trump, whose presidency was marked by his flouting of historical norms, in the bottom five.

The good news is that by most accounts Trump’s first lady, Melania, is also the worst. That’s romantic, right?


  1. Pierre Trudeau was a terrible prime minister. While disrespecting the Queen herself, he cozied up to evil dictators like Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro, seeing them as insiprations and intellectual giants. He introduced deficit spending to Canada, handed control of the country to the French and brought in a constitution that makes the unelected Supreme Court the de facto final authority in the country (fun fact: Aharon Barak's changes to the Israeli Supreme Court were based on Canada's). He was openly contemptuous of his political opponents and the common vote. He left office with high inflation, high taxes, and with ratings that made him the most hated prime minister in Canadian history.
    But ask Canadian historians and they routinely rank him as one of the greatest we had, if not the greatest. So much for historians.

  2. Wow So only you can be trusted to make judgments!


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