Tuesday, February 13, 2024

A ‘whale’ of a tale: Trump continues to distort cognitive test he took


“I think it was 35, 30 questions,” the former president said in Portsmouth, N.H., of the test, which he said involved a few animal identification queries. “They always show you the first one, like a giraffe, a tiger, or this, or that — a whale. ‘Which one is the whale?’ Okay. And that goes on for three or four [questions] and then it gets harder and harder and harder.”

The only problem: The creator of the test in question, called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, or MoCA, said it has never included the specific combination of animals described by Trump in any of its versions over the years.


  1. Predictable. The response to a major report stating that Biden is demented is to scream 'But, but Trump!"

  2. You mean that we have no concern for a senile Trump?
    Only Biden is a problem if he is senile but not Trump?!

    1. Predictable response from a Trump supporter we must have a totally different standards for Trump since he has been chosen by G-d

    2. No, not what I said. I said that you're trying to hide that your preferred candidate has dementia by distracting to the other guy.
      Remember what I've been saying all along - you're playing this like it's a team sport and you have to choose a side. I've been saying this is a sport in which both teams are awful and we have to stand back and say that the game is rigged.


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