Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Dems Bet a Vote Against Biden in Michigan Now Will Move Him on Israel and Save Him Later

If the activists are wrong—which veteran Michigan pollster Bernie Porn fears they may be—“the Listen to Michigan effort could well help to give the election to Trump.”

“It is possible that Biden may have already lost the election,” Porn said in a statement to The Daily Beast.

If Listen to Michigan organizers aren’t careful, he said, “they could be playing a very dangerous game that could hand the election over to Trump, mostly because of Biden’s age, which will make life for civilians in Gaza even more difficult, which is hard to believe but indeed possible.”

In short, it’s a risky electoral gambit. (The February EPIC-MRA poll found that 53 percent of Michigan voters support a ceasefire.)

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  1. The latest polls show an overwhelming majority of Americans support Israel in this fight. Disappointing them will be worse for Biden than disappointing Michigan.
    And really, that's the Arab threat? We'll just stay home and not vote? And then Trump wins, pushes an event stronger pro-Israel position and reinstitutes the ban on immigration from multiple Muslim countries. How do they see that as a victory?


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