Thursday, February 29, 2024

Michigan Democratic Protest Votes Aren’t as Big a Threat to Biden as They Look

Finally, there’s Trump, who instituted a ban on travelers from several majority-Muslim countries as one of his first significant acts as president in 2017. If the “uncommitted” vote manages to sufficiently harm Biden in November to return Trump to the White House, he is all but certain to pursue policies harmful to both Arab Americans in the United States and Palestinians fighting for statehood and survival. He has, for example, already promised to deport immigrants who voice support for Hamas at pro-Palestinian protests.

“Unless you actually want Trump back in the White House, your inability to support the only viable alternative to him doesn’t make any rational sense,” the progressive activist Joanne Carducci, who is better known as @JoJoFromJerz on X, where she has nearly a million followers, wrote for The Daily Beast.

In other words, we hear you, Dearborn. We see the suffering in Gaza. But electing Trump again is not the answer to your pain.

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  1. Bill Maher dealt with this in 2020 when some Dem voters threatened to not support Biden because they wanted Sanders. He played a clip from a movie with the character crying "But I got nowhere else to go!!!"
    And that's what this is. If the Arabs don't push for Biden, they get Trump.
    But then, these are the people who attacked Israel just so they could cry over a destroyed Gaza.


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