Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Forcing mitzva observance

 Kesubos (86a) Said K. Kahana to R. Papa; According to the statement you made that the repayment of a debt to a creditor is a religious act, what is the ruling where a debtor said, I am not disposed to perform a religious act? We the other replied. have learned: This applies only to negative precepts, but in the case of positive precepts, as for instance, when a man is told, Make a sukkah and he does not make it or, Perform the commandment of the lulab and he does not perform it he is flogged until his soul departeth.

 Chullin (132b) But with regard to one who refuses to perform a positive mitzva, e.g., the court says to him: Perform the mitzva of sukka, and he does not do so, or: Perform the mitzva of taking the lulav, and he does not do so, or: Prepare ritual fringes for your garments, and he does not do so, the court strikes him an unlimited number of times, even until his soul departs.

Rashi (Chullin 110b) כפתוהו - על העמוד להלקותו כדתניא (כתובות דף פו.) בד"א דארבעים ותו לא במצות לא תעשה שכבר נעשית העבירה אבל מצות עשה שלפניו ואינו רוצה לקיימה כגון אומרין לו עשה סוכה ואינו עושה עשה לולב ואינו עושה מכין אותו עד שתצא נפשו:


  1. SO this is also said regarding the mitzvah of giving a Gett. Why then, is there an opposing view of Gett M'eusa?

    1. There are issues which require free will - search internet for forcing mitzvos
      Also unresolved issue as who can do the forcing - is it beis din or anyone?


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