Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Tucker Carlson Thinks Ohio Train Tracks Are Anti-White


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson hinted at a new conspiracy theory to explain the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, and it’s that the train coming off the tracks in an area with a lot of white people was probably on purpose.

“East Palestine is overwhelmingly white and it’s politically conservative and that shouldn’t be relevant, but it very much is,” Tucker is quoted as saying.


  1. On one hand, Tucker's likely wrong. After all, if the whole social justice thing is true then it would be Black neighbourhoods which would be neglected and White ones which would receive quick service.
    On the other hand, you also assured us that there was no way Trump was right about CoVID coming from a Chinese lab and the press repeatedly claimed that was a lie and yet here we are learning that it did. So who knows?
    I just think this is the real scandal - the US sends billions to so-called Palestine but can't clean up the mess in actual East Palestine.

  2. The majority view is that Trump was wrong and that it didn't come from a lab

  3. The majority view is that JC, y"sh replaced the Torah with X-ianity and that Mohammed, y"sh, was the last true prophet.
    In the USSR the majority view was that America was a corrupt, decadent country where everyone was miserable.
    I could keep going...

  4. Yes, there is no Sanhedrin of media outlets we have to follow


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