Monday, February 13, 2023

Notorious missionaries have moved to Israel after being exposed in the United States.

Two weeks ago, a family calling themselves "Isaacson" arrived in Jerusalem from the United States and settled in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachlaot. This would be an unremarkable piece of news, were it not for the fact that the "Isaacsons," who dress in traditional haredi clothing, are in fact not Jewish at all. Worse still, they are missionaries.


  1. Yeah, we have a local J for J who dresses the part, even has techeiles in his tzitzis.

  2. I hope your entire community is aware of this Christian fraud, masquerading as a Jew.
    If you meet him, you can offer him some types of cheese, and say that you're from an organization called, "Jews for CHEESES".

  3. Funny story: there's a shul in Toronto called The Village Shul. Today they have a lovely building but they started in a storefront on a main street. That place was a cheese shop before they moved in so people did called them Jews for Cheeses

  4. I'm curious about these guys. Is the get up all for show or are they genuinely Orthodox in practice but also believe in JC, like the original X-ians?

  5. They might appear to be Orthodox Jewish in practice, but they were born as non-Jews, believe in Yoshke, and are not known to have converted to Judaism.
    "Beyneynu claims that Michael and Summer, according to a 1995 wedding announcement, were wed at a Lutheran church in Michigan — where Michael is from.

    “No, my family is not Jewish,” Michael’s aunt, 65-year-old Maryland resident Marlene Gruenfelder, told the Jewish Chronicle, adding that Michael was raised Lutheran — and that the two of them aren’t in contact.

  6. Right, I get that but do they also keep kosher and Shabbos or is it just the costume? There's got to be something deeper or these guys would get picked off the minute they walked into the beis medrash.

  7. They appear to keep everything, just like Michael Elk did.

  8. Elk had learned a lot of stuff.

  9. These frauds apparently are well "learned" too.
    A father and son practising as Orthodox rabbis in America have been accused by anti-missionary investigators of being secret evangelical Christians.

    The claims over Michael and Calev Isaacson — who have changed their family name from Dawson — would cause disastrous halachic problems for the Jewish community if true.

    Sacred rituals performed by the two men include writing holy scrolls, washing the dead, and conducting weddings, divorces and even conversions.

    Investigators allege neither man is Jewish, making any rituals in which they took part invalid...


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