Saturday, February 4, 2023

Biggest challenge today

This Shabbos I was in Beis Shemesh for a grandson's bar mitzva. Got to speak with an expert on Chareidi society. What is the biggest challenge?.
It seems psychology has penetrated and caused great damage. Children have been raised by parents who have intervened at the slightest hint of a problem or potential problem. Theses children are now parents and teachers or other positions of authority and don't understand how to deal with life's problems and challenges


  1. What was the alternative? Ignore the problems and not seek therapy?

  2. Wouldn't it be the other way? A lack of psychological awareness leading to not understand how to handle stressful situations?

  3. Maybe they're afraid of messing up the kids so they seek professional guidance?

  4. What expertise did he have, and is he predisposed against psychology?

  5. The alternative is to train a cadre of frum psychologists who are competent but also yirei Shomayim

  6. No he is not against psychology - that was my summary. His expertise is many years successfully solving social and educational problems in the community

  7. wheres my comment?

  8. this is just a detail of a more general issue . Alot of liberal/leftist hashkafot are used by therapists, causing much damage in relationships between parents and children, between spouses, and more.

  9. this is just a detail. the broader issue is liberal/leftist ideas have effected "frum" therapists/therapy.

  10. Then again, there's the problem of attribution or causality.

    Children are disturbed / damaged or abused.

    Some parents resort to psychologists, of what questionable qualifications we do not know.

    The success or failure or duration of the treatment is unknown.

    The damaged kids grow up and are still psychologically damaged.

    Is this caused by the psychologists (Frum psychs often create their own systems, not scientifically validated) or quacks?

    Or by the negative atmosphere or Chas v shalom abuse by the parents?

  11. Can you provide examples?

    Is LGBT a rising problem you are alluding to?
    It seems to me that frum people always want to point the finger of blame at a scape goat figure.

  12. I've gone through this post and the comments to it a number of times.

    Here is what I'm getting.

    Parents are generally expected to offer their child guidance iwhen their child encounters challenges.

    Some parents delegate some of their parenting responsibilities to mental health professionals. That is, they will send their child to "therapy" which typically means the child meets privately with a "therapist" for a fifty minute session once a week or so. It can also mean the child ingesting pschotropic prescription drugs.

    The sessions generally involve the child speaking.

    Some of the therapeutized children have grown up and are now teachers and administrators in some schools. Some of these teachers and administrators, continuing the cycle, now delegate -- in the fashion in which they were raised -- their responsibility to guide students . The administrators hire school counselors who are mental health professionals and the teachers advise parents to send their children to therapy.

    Did I get it right?


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