Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Covid ‘lab leak theory’: What we’ve learned


The change in opinion by the Energy Department’s intelligence office is far from a total backing of the “lab leak” theory.

For starters, the conclusion was reached only with “low confidence,” as opposed to medium or high confidence.

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  1. What we've learned - that when Trump suggested on Day 1 that this was a lab leak, it was preposterous! Impossible! Racist, even! When the Chinese government denied access to the WHO investigation team to the lab, well you know, nothing to see here. All the evidence? Nothing to see there either.
    So now more and more authorities are pointing to a lab leak and all CNN has left is the usual distraction.
    I don't doubt by the end of the day we'll have more "Look, Trump!" posts to distract from this as well.


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