Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Woman not happy with Rabbinic ruling

 Gittin (35a) A certain woman appealed to Rabbah son of R. Huna [to enforce payment of her kethubah]. He said to her: What can I do for you seeing that Rab would not enforce payment of a kethubah and my father also would not enforce payment of a kethubah to a widow? She said to him: At least grant me maintenance. He replied: You are not entitled to maintenance either, since Rab Judah has said in the name of Samuel: If a woman claims her kethubah in the Beth din, she has no claim to maintenance. She said to him: Turn his seat upside down! [May he be humiliated (Rashi)] —He gives me the worst of both authorities. They turned his seat over and put it straight again, but even so he did not escape an illness. 

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  1. Things that make one say Hmmmmmm
    In Bava Metzia we have the story of Rabba bar bar Hanna's workers breaking his merchandise and when he takes compensation, they take him to court. Rav rules that he has to pay their full wages and also feed them. When RBBH protests if this is the law, he's given the answer about walking the path of the righteous.
    Yet here it seems RBBH rejected that.
    So incompetent workers get paid and a widow gets screwed?


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