Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Woman not happy with Rabbinic ruling

 Gittin (35a) A certain woman appealed to Rabbah son of R. Huna [to enforce payment of her kethubah]. He said to her: What can I do for you seeing that Rab would not enforce payment of a kethubah and my father also would not enforce payment of a kethubah to a widow? She said to him: At least grant me maintenance. He replied: You are not entitled to maintenance either, since Rab Judah has said in the name of Samuel: If a woman claims her kethubah in the Beth din, she has no claim to maintenance. She said to him: Turn his seat upside down! [May he be humiliated (Rashi)] —He gives me the worst of both authorities. They turned his seat over and put it straight again, but even so he did not escape an illness. 

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